My name's T Campbell and I write and edit comics and crossword projects. My best-known comic today is Guilded Age, co-written with Phil Kahn. Before that it was Penny and Aggie, and before that, Fans. I have a Tumblr.

I'm celebrating my 15th anniversary making comics, so here's a list of 15 stories I'm particularly proud of.

The Last Temptation of Leslie Bean. It has been the worst week of Leslie's entire life. Her dreams are shattered, her pain overwhelming, her own principles betrayed. Two figures from her past return to offer her one last chance at her deepest desires: love and family. But there is a price.

20 2020 Pennies. Pretty, privileged Penny considers whether to ditch high school finals and her life-plan to join her biker boyfriend Rich on the open road. Her possible future selves meet in a convention center to vote on this, but there's one voice they're ignoring.

Three. Three urban, college-aged adventurers with highly unconventional lives embark on an unconventional three-way marriage, in recognition that their old love triangle has turned into something quite different. All are devoted to the new arrangement, but does the new triangle really have three sides? And can it stay together without it? (David Willis fans take note: he and I worked together on two stories about this triple marriage, one of which depicted its very beginning.)

Conference. While the adventurers of Arkerra experience dream therapy, harmless hijinks, and signs of trouble to come, the real drama shifts to Sepia World, and a duel of wills between a corporate vice-president on a dark path and the reporter who might be her savior or her first victim. (All Guilded Age stories co-written with Phil Kahn.)

Missing Person. Cyndi Kristoffer, a teenage girl skilled at manipulation and seemingly without a soul, has gone missing. Penny and Aggie shifts from teen dramedy to police procedural, and then to psychological thriller, as two dark reflections of the title characters have their final confrontation.

Crossover. The paranormal paramilitia known as Team Alpha relies on a troubled genius and sometime clairvoyant, Hilda Ramirez. She's never been quite right since one of her early adventures, but when a new case takes her back to her friends in the crossword tournament community, she'll have to confront what she's lost.

Mood Clippah. Jealous and seething as her old rival for Will's affections finally claims him, Jackie courts the supernatural Anti-Cupid to destroy their affections. She soon has cause to regret it, not because it was an evil act or cost her her soul, but because there's a reason Anti-Cupid doesn't have the reputation for effectiveness that his brother does.

The Proof. Gwynn, a sometime urban sorceress reeling from the apparent deaths of her best friend and ex, finds herself a gladiator in another dimension. To survive, she has to escape, but after all the loss and defeat that's marked her life, mere survival cannot be her only priority.

Races Against Time. The Peacemakers try to live up to their name and stop a war between humans, elves, trolls, and many other races. But when they encounter the trolls' commander-in-chief, things go worse for them than anyone could have imagined.

The Lady and the Tiger. Aggie confronts a dream of death that may be more than a dream, and may be more than deadly.

Panegyrich. My sole Marvel story to date. The Avengers make a last stand against a powerful foe on an alien world, dragging along Henry Peter Gyrich, a gloriously hateable government stooge, who plays an unexpected role in the natives' retellings of the incident.

The Popsicle War. An epic power struggle between two "party princesses" gets more serious as it goes, and pushes two longtime rivals into a friendship that they'll retain the rest of their lives. (The longest of these stories by a considerable margin. If you're short on time, just sample chapter 1.)

Thrown Switch. A mad scientist, a body-switch machine, a kinky, dangerous love triangle... and the difficulty of true change. Plus, a one-of-a-kind "emoticon-based" style of storytelling.

Metagaming. As the least likely of the Peacemakers makes a stand against the encroaching continental war, the world of Arkerra is revealed as both less and more than what it seems.

Out. The perfectly straight Shanna Cochran moves closer to accepting her sexual identity and something about her that scares her even more, while her best friend begins to leave her behind.